Bay Fest

This year is the 10th Annual Bay Fest. This 4 day event is the end of winter, beginning of summer cruising season festival. We start Wed April 8th with a Ham license test. On Thursday the big kick off will be the “Rock to the Dock” sailboat race from Roca Lobo to the Municipal Pier downtown, with wine tasting that evening at the club house. Friday starts the seminars on many boating topics, including the baja bash and summer cruising in the Sea of Cortez. Workshops will include bread making, cevichi preparation and other fun activities you may want to learn how to do. Throughout the weekend there will be lots of games to play, including dominos, cribbage, and rummy. Both Friday and Saturday nights will be "Tales of the Sea" story telling contest during happy hour. Following will be dinner with a Hawiaan Luau and DJ Friday night and live music on Saturday night.

The Volleyball team will start practice around March 2nd so please come practice if you want to play in the games on Saturday against the Mexican Navy Search and Rescue guys, the Abaroha Boatyard, and against the La Costa Restaurant staff. The always fun Mexican tradition of pinata bashing will also be on Saturday. Sunday is the bocce ball tournament. Also on Sunday we are going back to an old favorite, the chili cookoff. Chili will be judged by anyone who wants a sample, both on flavor and presentation. There will be an on the water lifesling workshop and crazy blindfold dingy and backward kayak races. Every night there will be raffle prizes, which you must be present to win. The Grand prize drawing of 50% of the raffle money will be at the end of the awards ceremony Sunday afternoon.

Bay Fest Schedule

Wednesday, April 8

9 am Ham Exam in the Vista Room at Marina de La Paz

Thursday, April 9

10:30-12:30 Dominoes Tournament
11 am Sailboat Race “Rock to the Dock”
5 pm Wine Tasting at Club Cruceros Clubhouse
7 pm Raffle Drawings at the Clubhouse

Friday, April 10

9- All Day Horseshoes Tournament
9- All Day Cribbage Tournament
9-10:30 Baja Bash Seminar
9-10:30 Beading Workshop
10-12 Dominoes Tournament
11-12:30 DJM Questor Nav Software Seminar
11-12:30 Ceviche Workshop
1-3 Hurricane Prep Seminar
1-2:30 Baja Bird ID Workshop
12-4 Baja Rummy Tournament
4-6 Happy Hour
4:30-5:30 Salty Sea Tales
6-10 Hawaiian Luau and Dance to DJ Tunes
8 pm Raffle Drawings

Saturday, April 11

9-All Day Cribbage Tournament
9-10:30 Cruising the Sea of Cortez Seminar
9-10:30 Scuba Diving Workshop
10-11:30 Volleyball vs Mexican Navy
10:30-12 Bread Making Workshop
11-12:30 Fishing Seminar
11:30-1 Volleyball vs Abaroa Boatyard
12-4 Baja Rummy Tournament
1 pm Birthday Piñata
2-3:30 Watermaker Seminar
2-3:30 Gourmet Cooking Workshop
2-3:30 Volleyball vs La Costa Restaurant
4-6 Happy Hour
4:30-5:30 Salty Sea Tales
6-10 Dinner & Live Music Featuring Plan B
7 pm Costume Contest
8 pm Raffle Drawings

Sunday, April 12

9-2 Cribbage
9-10:30 Electronics Workshop
9-10:30 Quilting Workshop
9-1 Bocce Ball
10:30-12 Lifesling Workshop on s/v Talion
11-12:30 Baja Sea Life Seminar
11-12:30 Sea Turtle Workshop
12-1:30 Backwards Kayak Race
1-2:30 Chili Cook Off
1:30-3 Blindfolded Dinghy Race
3:30-4:30 Awards
4 pm Raffle Drawings
50/50 Drawing
Auction for Grand Prizes

Unless otherwise indicated all events take place at La Costa Restaurant

It is a lot of fun filled informational days, so don't miss out!!