February Message From the Commodore!

February 4, 2015

Dear Members,
At the last general meeting of Club Cruceros Members, on January 20th, it was moved and approved that the bylaws should be able to be voted on either, in person, by absentee ballot, or by email. It was also moved and approved to wait until the April annual meeting to vote on these new proposed bylaws at the same time as voting for new Board Members for the coming year.
At the meeting this February the 17th, the pros and cons of each change will be discussed, article by article. We hope all of you will be able to attend this important meeting. All members at the meeting will be given a copy of the proposed changes so everyone can follow along. As well as Monday, February 9th, hard copies of these will be available to review, 8 days prior to the meeting, so you can come up with your comments in advance of the meeting, if you choose to make them.
The Beach Party Fund Raiser held in January was a great success. We raised 16,800 pesos to go toward the emergency fund for cruisers. We did that by playing cards and other games, bocce ball, horseshoes and by auctioning off baked goods donated by the fleet. A fun time was had by all. Thanks to Gary on Visdagoda, Shirleen of Chip Ahoy and Terry on Ulalena and many others for their hard work to make this so successful.
Also in January several men in the fleet hoisted Guenter's mast from Princess, to mark the new Guenter's crossing between it and the municipal pier to get to the anchorage area near the Magote. The old fisherman's cross was washed away in Hurricane Odile. The mast has a radar reflector on it and Guenter's old anchor light, complete with barnacles. The lat and long of the GPS mast (Guenter, Paul Simone) waypoint is 24° 10.005' N 110° 19.642' W. It is a great memorial to those who were lost in that horrible storm. Thanks Mike Rickman of Amazing Grace for organizing that.
We will have our annual Valentine's dinner and dance at La Costa on the 14th of February as well as our annual St. Patrick's day dinner on March 17th. We are already starting to plan the 10th annual Bay Fest event which happens the weekend of April 9 to 12. We will have some great seminars and workshops to attend. There will be the Rock to the Dock sailboat race on Thursday, volleyball games against the Mexican Navy, horseshoes and bocce ball tournaments. We will have the Salty Story telling again, a costume party, water games and live music & dancing. It will be a great time, so mark your calendars!!
See you around the marina!

Commodore Shelly

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