A Stern Story

Our love of “Solmate” is that of “Willful Simplicity” in following the “Silent Sun”.

Whether you’re “Born Free” or want to “Feel Free,” in the case of “Almost Free” but still “Wanna B Free.” You can aspire to be an “Island Seeker” a “Shaman” an “Eagle or a “Ballena.”

If your “Eros” is “Intima Sea” or “Far Away” try some ‘”Oya” with Maitiroa or you might end up “Gone Nuts.” By the time you “Vanish” or say “Adios” to the “Echo” your “Avatar” could turn into a “Flying Fish” a “Wondering Puffin” or a “Sea Otter.”

And when a “Companera” sings a “Raven’s Song” keep it aligned with “God’s Way.” If “Hanali” breathes life into “Seamantress” one can only “Imagine” the “Amazing Grace” of a “Princess.” If you’re a real “Swagman” just “Take Five” “Anza” learn to live like a “Dream Catcher.”

When “Ariel” swam through the “Cactus” she found her “Winterlude” and became “Scott Free” eh? Allow the “Oceanis” “Yellow Star” to “Kodaku” your “Serenity” or “Mandalay” into “Mariah.” Enjoy “Dad’s Dreams” & “Toucan Play” whiling away with “Circe.”

There is always “Magic” if you look for “Carina.” If your “Vida Rica” meets the “Talion” please insure that your “U Lalena” has “Tahomah” it’s “Galeon” floating near “Ocean Quest.” The beauty of “Jade” might “Scout” for the elusive “Yoga Bear” or “Keloran” and “Goldilocks.” And should “Molly O” become your “El Gato” then just “Chip Ahoy” with your “Sara Ann.”

To sing “Andiamo” might arouse “Landho” to enjoy “Tigress.” Everything will be “Irie” when the “Spirit” of “Mama Bird” hears “Jazzz” on the “Wind Raven.” Living on “Cloud IX” can “Juce” “Selkie” to a moment of “Onchante”.

Take the “Mary T” or swim with “Swan” to “Star” for an “Otro Vez No.” Does your “Capricorn Cat” “Kanga” in “La Brisa?” When you “Shadowfax” use “Viento Suave” and make sure that “Gato” has it’s “Destiny” imbedded in “Irish Diplomacy” or your “Coral Rose” won’t be “Cantem Para Mi.”

If you’re into “Revolucion” take a little “Ayla May” and relax on “Visigoda.” Has “Sunshine” taken your “Virginia Reel” to “Ava G” with “Annie?”“Tranquilla” is the norm today so get your “Monkey Bum” off “Patufa” and get “Outta Here.”

“Kismet” is for cards, and “Anonymous is for drinks while “Casa Buena” is for sleeping. “Argo” is the ship, “True Companion” is the goal. “Tabasco II” is hot, what glitters must be Keetya 1.

Using your “Virginia Reel” cast “Tranquilla” to the “Puddle Pirate.” Try “Ascension” to “Quiet Priority” and relax at “La Casita.” Dance the “Shindig” with “Victory” on “Seazure.” Remember “Sunshine” mixed with “Maitai” will have “Ugete” singing “Que Sara.” A fair “Del Viento” is the “Monikai” to “Calypso” with a satisfying “Spirit of Silverton.”

Have a “Rocket Girl” “W-squared” past “Valhalla” toward the “Stormy Dawn.” “Aurora” shines brightly under “Moon Dance.”

The “Good News” is the “Dolphin” in all of us, can be a positive “Tortuga” out here upon the Sea of Cortez. And now we anchor here at “Rock Bottom.”

We all live in a world not so small but connected, not so big but separated, so stay in touch with your surroundings and each other. We’ll see you next season. “Solmate.”

By Steve Ott


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