Stephanie Russo - The Turtle Lady

Stephanie Rousso is a wildlife biologist who studies spatial ecology and habitat use of migratory species. When cruisers "migrate" through marine habitats,  coastal and oceanic, they can easily register their sightings of sea turtles and other marine life (sharks, rays, and jellyfish aggregations). Her main program, "Sea Turtle Spotter" has been highlighted in Cruisers World and the Club Cruceros website. Sightings are easy to register offline with a user-friendly and add-free application.  In this seminar, learn some ecology about sea turtles and a fun, free way to help marine conservation research through citizen science right from the comfort of your own boat. There will also be a FREE raffle to win sustainable fish tacos from Harker Board, a recycled sail tote bag, and a turtle key chain.  Everyone who attends the seminar gets a free raffle ticket!  WooHoo! Also you can sign up for a "turtling" trip to go find sea turtles in La Paz bay as part of a scientific research trip.  

Bring your ipad, tablet, smart phone and download the app during the seminar.  It is also a fun way to record all your wildlife sightings from your boat - you can even start your own project using your boat name on the same platform as Sea Turtle Spotter!  Citizen science is fun and free!  Steph will have tote bags and turtle keychains for sale to support her research and scholarship program for Mexican university students to join her in the field.