2018 Proposed Changes to the Club Cruceros Bylaws

The Board of Directors of Club Cruceros approved of changes to the Bylaws. These changes will be proposed to the General Membership at the meeting on February 20, 2018.

You may download a copy of the proposed changes here.

Here is an explanation of the reasoning behind some changes:
1.     We are proposing to change Junior Staff Commodore to Past Commodore as it is easier to understand the position from the title.
2.     This year the Board found the need to have a more clear process for removing a Board member that doesn’t attend meetings or communicate their absence to the Board. On page 1 towards the bottom we added that if a Board Member misses 3 or more Board Meetings in the year they may be subject to recall. The recall procedures are further into the bylaws.
3.     The Past Commodore has always been on the Board in an advisory position to keep continuity from the previous year’s projects and activities. On Page 3 we suggest if the Past Commodore cannot serve on the Board that the position be filled by an available Past Commodore. If there is no Past Commodore available we suggest the replacement be designated a Director at Large. Also on that page we have cleaned up some language so most of the verbiage is the same for all Interim Appointments.
4.     On page 4 under Recall we added an avenue to aid the Board in recalling a Board member. This recall would be subject to General Membership approval.
5.     On page 6 & 7 there are some minor changes to email ballots. Plus we removed the Official Absentee paper ballots and changed them to email ballots.
6.     On page 7 we removed committees that no longer exist and added ones we currently use. We also added a stipulation that Committee heads or Board Liaison for each committee be posted.

2018 Bylaws Committee

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