2017 Bayfest Baja Rummy Rules

Sign up in the Club Cruceros Clubhouse

You can sign up with or without a partner, if you have no partner one will be chosen for you.

Game will be played as a round robin. Each table will consist four players/two sets of partners. Each table will play one hand starting with a meld of 50. The winners of that hand will remain at the table and the losers will move to the next table. The number of rounds will depend on the number of tables.
In order to start a new round at the same time,  ALL  tables will stop  when any team/player goes out with the required books (after asking their parter if they can go out) with only the current player at each table being allowed to finish their turn.
If a player does not have their required books, they must hold a card after discarding.
Each team will have a tally sheet that you will record your win or loss and the total of your scores after each round. The tally sheet must be signed by both teams at the end of each round and turned into the game watcher at the end of the final play that day.
Day two you will start at an assigned table based on the previous days scores. The two highest scores playing each other, the lowest two the same etc. The following rounds will be played the same as the prior day with the winners of each round remaining at the table and the losers moving to the next table until all rounds have been completed. A record of your win or loss and the total of your scores must be kept after each round and signed off by both teams. Tally sheets must be turned into the game watcher at the end of the finial round.
Winners will be announced Sunday at the award giving. 

The Play

Use eight decks of cards with jokers.
Each player deals three piles of 11 cards each.
Outside piles go to opponents as their feet, middle pile is your hand. 
Cut to see who goes first. The player to the right of the one who starts will turn a card over from the discard pile. The player starting will have that card plus two other cards from the draw pile. All other plays start with a draw of two cards. To pick up the top card from the discard pile the player must have two natural cards from their hand to match. A players turn starts with the pickup of two cards and ends once their hand is removed from the discarded card. You may not change the card once your hand has left it.
No discard is required to go into your feet. If you had no discard your play continues with your foot. If you discard to go into your foot your turn is over. To go out you do not need a discard.
Each partner must meld individually but all cards are kept at one partners side the other keeps the books.
To win you need a red book, black book, a run, and a book of twos. A second set of twos are not considered a red book.


Red book (no wild cards)


Black book (1 or 2 wild cards) 


Run (cards in sequence of the same suit, no wild cards)


Book of two’s (no jokers)


For going out


There will be a 300 point penalty for a false meld and 100 point penalty for table talk. 

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