Hurricane Odile

Susan & Dennis Ross from Facebook post

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Once again the La Paz cruising community is experiencing the pain of loss. The body of Simone Wood was discovered this afternoon by a kayaker searching the mangroves on the Magote. Simone and Paul purchased their sailboat, Tabasco II, this Spring and became members of both the cruising community and eco-tourism community. Simone had just started working as a dive and kayak instructor for one of the eco-tourism companies in La Paz.

Many thanks to Tom Zyber for keeping us informed to the events unfolding in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Up-to-the-minute videos and photos are being posted on

Our friend, Abel Bercovich, told Dennis today that he drove to Cabo yesterday to take 200 gallons of water and 200 gallons of fuel to his family members. He said that the experience reminded him of the movie, Mad Max. He suggested that no-one go to Cabo or San Jose unless absolutely necessary…if then.

We have also been told that the state of these cities is worse than what is being portrayed in the international news and social media.

An expected 40,000-50,000 people are trying to get to La Paz for food, water and/or work. We have heard of people walking Highway I as they are bringing their families out of the Southern tip of Baja. Housing is going to become a problem very soon if that many people arrive in this city. In addition, there is a growing concern for the schools which will have a crowding problem with families moving here to get out of the violence of Cabo and San Jose.

The electrical company, CFE, continues to replace the downed electrical wires to provide the needed electricity to this city. Our marina is still without power.

Water continues to be of great concern. The city doesn’t have the electrical power for the water distribution system.

But, the good news….the little ladies are still sweeping the streets in front of their homes, the trees and brush piles are now on the side of the street instead of in the middle of the street, the storefronts with broken windows are either boarded or have new windows already. We are thankful for the Home Depot and various lumberyards so plywood and other materials are available.

The President of Mexico arrived again to tour both the Cabo San Lucas and La Paz area. Another 500 military troops arrived yesterday to secure the Cabo area from gangs looting the stores. Dennis and I are thankful that the La Paz citizens are hard-working and respectful of their neighbors.

A food drive by Club Cruceros members for Oil, Rice and Beans has been distributed to the families of the Marques de Leon community where the Foundation for the Children of La Paz (FANLAP) has the library and breakfast/lunch program.

A fund has been set up by Club Cruceros for the Cruiser’s Emergency Fund. As a member of the Board of Directors of Club Cruceros making decisions as to who will receive emergency funds, I promise the monies donated will be wisely disbursed.

Susan Ross

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