Nomination & Election Procedures

The Board members are the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, three (3) Directors, and the Junior Staff Commodore (Immediate Past Commodore).


Any member in good standing may submit the name of a candidate to a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee no more than sixty days in advance of the April Annual Membership Meeting and the election of the Board of Directors. Nominations will be posted on the Clubhouse bulletin board, posted on the Club web site, and announced on the morning VHF Net. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at the March General Membership Meeting and at the April Board of Directors’ Meeting after which nominations will be closed and ballots prepared for the April Annual Membership Meeting.


The election of the Board of Directors shall be held in April. Election will be by written ballot or emailed ballot if there are contested positions; otherwise voting for the slate will be done either orally at the April Annual Membership Meeting, by absentee ballot or email vote.

If a member cannot be present at the time of elections, an official ballot may be completed by either email or absentee ballot. Contact the Nominations and Elections Committee for a ballot. Ballots must be emailed (or signed, dated, placed in a sealed envelope and returned) to the Committee prior to the April Annual Membership Meeting. Requests for email ballots must be made by the April Board of Directors meeting. Receipt of emailed ballots will be confirmed by a return reply email.

Ballots received by email or by absentee ballot will be tallied by the Teller Committee and combined with the votes taken at the April Annual Membership Meeting. The new Board will be announced at that meeting and posted on the club website.

The elected Board of Directors shall begin their term of office at the May General Membership Meeting.