2015 - 2016 Board of Directors & Committee Chairs

Contact any of the officers or committee chairs with your questions, concerns or suggestions.

Name Call Sign Location Position
Rainy Eastman Raindancer Marina de La Paz Commodore
Teri Hagen U’Lalena Marina Don Jose Vice Commodore
Patsy Verhoeven Talion At Anchor Rear Commodore
Leanne Lawrence Stealaway Marina de La Paz Secretary
Sandy Elterich Masquerade Marina Don Jose Treasurer
Mary Jo Hood Sea Wolf Marina Don Jose Director
Susan Ross Two Can Play Marina Palmira Director
Bob Van Gorder Judy K Marina Don Jose Director
      Jr Staff Commodore
Committee Chairs
Port & Navy Liaisons Bob Van Gorder "Judy K" & Rainy Eastman "Raindancer"
Charity Teri Hagen "U’Lalena"
Vista Room Teri Hagen "U’Lalena"
Morning Coffee Hour Bill Holbrook "Wandering Puffin"
Membership Susan Ross "Two Can Play"
Clubhouse Sandy Elterich "Masquerade"
Social Mary Jo Hood "Sea Wolf"
Hurricane Response Jeanne Walker "Eagle"
VHF Morning Net Debbie Cameron "La Reve"
WIFI Access Code Bobi Holbrook "Wandering Puffin"
Medical & Emergency Equipment Lending Teri Hagen "U’Lalena" & Sandy Elterich "Masquerade"
Mail Rainy Eastman "Raindancer"
Website & Email Patsy Verhoeven "Talion"
Health & Welfare Bob Van Gorder "Judy K" & Rainy Eastman "Raindancer"
Nominating & Elections To Be Appointed in 2018