Baja Rummy Rules

Cutthroat Meld

Partners Meld

0 - 2,500
2,501 - 5,000
5,001 - 7,500
7,501 - 10,000
Winner gets to 10,000 first
0 - 5,000
5,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 15,000
15,001 - 20,000
Winning team gets to 20,000 first

Card Values

Book & Run Values

4 - 7
8 - King
Red 3
- 500
Black 3
- 300
Red book (no wild cards)

Black book (1-2 wild cards)
No more than 2 wild cards per book


Run (cards in sequence, no wild cards, same suit

Book of 2's
For going out
Deal three piles of 11 cards each. Outside piles go to opponent and are the "feet". At the beginning of each game, cut cards to see who's first. A person from the opposing team has to turn over the first card to begin play, the partner to the first player cannot turn over the card. The person who's "it" draws two cards and, for the 1st play only, is required to draw the face up card. All other plays, draw two, discard 1.

No discard required to go into your feet. If you don't have a discard, pick up your next foot and continue to play. If you have a discard, your turn is over but you can pick up your foot and arrange it. To go out, you can either have a discard or not.

Create books with at least 3 cards to begin. Only 2 wild cards allowed per book. No wild cards in runs allowed. You need at least 2 cards to play a wild card, ie., you can't create a book by combining a 10 and 2 wild cards. Need to have two 10's to play a wildcard.

A book is 7 cards... but you can add more cards to close it if you have them. Only in partner play can you add more than 7 cards in a book. You cannot do that in cutthroat. Once the book is closed and moved to the side no more cards can be added. Only 7 cards allowed in a run. No 3's allowed in a run.

When you make your books, the bottom card should reflect if it's a pure or dirty book, ie., bottom card will be black if the book you're building has wildcards, red card if there are no wildcards. 6th card down on runs and books go sideways to notate that you are not able to draw the finishing card that opponent discards.

To win in Cutthroat you need at least: 1 red book, 1 black book, 1 run. A book of 2's is optional but if you get it, it's considered to be a red book and you don't need to get another red book.

To win partners you need at least: 1 red book, 1 black book, 1 run AND 1 book of two's. The book of two's is not considered a red book so you'll need to get a seperate red book to win.